Tips To Have An Unforgettable Sea Fishing Experience In Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the best places for fishing. It not only attracts fly fishers, but also anglers. It has a wide array of exotic beaches and fishing spots where fish hunters can have amazing fishing experience. If you also want to visit Barcelona, here are some tips to help you enjoy unforgettable sea fishing In Barcelona.

Firstly, consider starting your fishing tour by visiting the coastal areas of Barcelona. This is mainly because coastline of Barcelona is hot spots for fishing. You don’t have to visit every beach on the coastline. Consider visiting only the main landmarks ports, such as those of Mataro, Masnou, Arenys de Mar, Premia de Mar, Blanes and Tossa de Mar, and Malgrat de Mar etc. These landmarks ports offer a huge variety of fishing boats and fishing charter to facilitate fish hunters. Some of the fish that you can find here include tuna, Blue Fin, the Mediterranean marlin, swordfish and amberjack. You can contact fishing tour operators to charter boats and a full day of fishing. These tour operators can provide you fully equipped boats, along with well-trained crew. Alternatively, you can go solo without a crew. In both cases, you can make use of charter boat facilities.

To enjoy fishing on sandy beaches, visit the popular Maresme where you can go fishing near the sea bottoms with a random rock or two. Lloret de Mar and Platja d’Aro are also good places to enjoy fishing close to sea bottoms. For shallow water fishing in Barcelona, visit the waters near Mataro, Masnou, and Arenys de Mar. You can navigate close to 25 miles out in order to go deep sea fishing where the depth of water is 1000 meters.

Big game fishing is also very popular in Barcelona. To have the most fruitful big game fishing experience, visit Barcelona during the months of June, July and August. Winter season is ideal for deep sea fishing when you can find red bream, green wrasse, red porgy, White Sea bream and many others. Local fishermen or fishing tour operators can guide you more about the best places where you can catch the fish of your liking. They can also help you make the most of your fishing tour by giving you useful insight to fishing in various places in Barcelona.

It is highly recommended to book a tour in advance in order to avoid last minute booking hassle. Also, bear in mind that if you are traveling to Barcelona during peak season, you might all fishing spots over-crowded. To have a smooth fishing tour, consider using the services of a tour operator.  You can book a hotel room in advance. Make sure you choose a hotel that is located closely to your favorite fishing spots. This will give you more time fishing in Barcelona. In order to know more about fishing in Barcelona, visit Here you can find complete details about all different types of fishing in this magnificent city.