Myths about physical therapy you should ignore


More and more people are proving themselves that physical therapy is one of the best ways to treat their injury or pain that they've been suffering from for awhile. Physical therapy had been an effective way to counter those problems, even in people of all ages. It can do the magic and restore your physical energy, mobility and guide you through a much healthier lifestyle.

However, rumors and myths about physical therapy that are circulating around often discourage people from attending a PT session. These myths are far from the truth about physical therapy therefore you should ignore it because it might lead you into a false misconception and miss the chance to treat your injuries and pain in a much safer way.


Everyone needs a referral before seeing a physical therapist.

About 70% of the people think that they needed a referral first before deciding to attend a PT session, which is wrong. A physical therapist would gladly evaluate you even if you don't have a referral as long as they can see that you need the session. Most of the states are not requiring a physician's approval for a patient to go directly to a physical therapist.


Physical therapy session is painful.

Physical therapy session usually includes exercise that helps to treat and heal your injuries faster and lower certain pains you are suffering. About 71% of the people think that physical therapy session is indeed painful which actually discouraged them from attending one. But the truth is a PT session is never a painful way to treat your injuries.


Everyone in the health care department has the capability to perform physical therapy.

A physical therapy is conducted by a licensed physical therapist only. Not everyone in the health care administration have the capability to do so except for a physical therapist. They specialized in a certain field meaning that physical therapy is their area of expertise therefore they knew better than others. Not all can perform a physical therapy.


Surgery is the only option to treat my injuries and lower pain.

Surgery is an aggressive treatment that can be avoided when you attend a physical therapy session. It is proven that a physical therapy is effective as surgery; therefore, it puts you in much lower risks and lower costs. It can treat and heal injuries, pains and diseases as much as the surgery could do.


I am capable of doing a physical therapy by myself.

In order to treat your injuries and lower your pain properly, you need to work under the guidance of a licensed physical therapist. In that way, they can monitor you, guide you and attend you needs in the best possible ways before they decide to create a plan for your individual care. Visit and find a licensed physical therapist that can attend to all your needs.


These myths often prevent people from seeing a physical therapist, in which you should ignore. A physical therapy can do magic in treating your injuries even diseases. If you want to avail one, you can check out for a more information.