Career Options for the Free Spirited

When you were young your parents or even your teachers at school may have taught you that there are certain professions that guarantee success. Becoming a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer for example may have been your idea then of having a successful career. For the most part, that is true but for the children who grow to be adventurous and nature loving, this is a slightly obsolete notion.

Those who have grown to love outdoor activities and doing physical activities over sitting on a desk in front of a computer may have a very different view of what an ideal career is. If you are that type of person here are career options for you.

Marine Biologists

In contrast to other men of science a marine biologist is one who spends most of his or her time outdoors or more likely underwater. For someone who loves the sea and who hates spending long hours inside a laboratory then this is a very viable option. Being paid to go diving and seeing beautiful and colorful creatures below sea level is a dream job for someone who loves marine life. Sure there are risks associated with it but that is actually part of the job that makes it even more exciting.


What is adventure without the element of danger? Volcanologists spend a lot of time outdoors chasing peaks and summits. Their time at work is mostly occupied with sampling activities and exploring volcanic vents, hot springs, steam cracks and sulfuric rivers. For the adventurous at heart this type of work is heaven and will offer an avenue to escape the boring walls of an office environment. Being a volcanologist will require you to spend a full four years in study and apprenticeship before gaining the right qualifications.

Outdoor Instructor

Many people are now finding hiking, rappelling and caving as an interesting hobby or pass time when going on a vacation. To ensure the safety of travelers and tourists engaging in such activity authorities assign outdoor instructors as guides. Being an outdoor instructor will allow you to enjoy the sun and view the sky while taking responsibilities in keeping others safe throughout the hike. Becoming an outdoor instructor is easy. You can enroll in a course at to get the right qualifications.


Someone who is a tree expert should spend a lot of time exploring trees. This means you get to have most parts of your shift spent in lush green forests. The role of an arborist is to ensure the health of trees and to determine how they are adjusting to the natural habitat. Protecting the remaining forests in the world has been a cause supported by many governments and private organizations. Arborists play the central role by being in the middle of these efforts.

There are many career options for people who have peculiar interests. To find the one that’s right for you, you need to first seek qualifications and have a heart that is fearless in chasing the possibilities.