The Myths and Truths about CPR

Learning CPR is serious because it is life and death is what being talked about. This is being applied especially when someone needs to be saved from cardiac arrest. However not everyone can successfully save a life of a person from cardiac arrest because they lack some knowledge due to no proper training and no confidence in performing it. This is why training of CPR or life support training is essential for you to properly perform the right CPR to a person suffering from cardiac arrest.

Taking up CPR course or training is essential but definitely you should know as well about myths and truths about CPR. To perform CPR well after your training it is good to confirm myths if they are true or not and the facts about CPR.

Myth: CPR will always work. No there is no truth about this. Survival rate will only increase when there is someone starts CPR and if an AED is present to deliver the shock needed. But zero percent survival when your heart stops beating and no one tried to perform CPR on you.

Fact: A person who is drowning has a chance to live if CPR is properly applied to him or her. If CPR is not properly done then, there could be a person that has chance to live lose their life.

Myth:  I know how to do CPR. Though you already know CPR the guidelines on how to provide it is being changed every few years. This means that you need to be updated or have a renewed certification for CPR. You can visit the website for CPR courses.

Fact: CPR will work best if there is no heart problem or if a person is healthy. It also works with people that have no underlying health conditions but least effective to the elderly persons with medical problem and suddenly stopped breathing.

Myth: Learning CPR is too expensive and very long. CPR courses are not expensive compared to what it can help to you and your love ones once you have learned it. What is spending time and money with CPR if it can give you peace of mind of having knowledge about it? The skills and knowledge that you will learn can definitely last for a lifetime.

Fact: CPR course or life support training is really worth it because anytime that you need to save a life, you can confidently do it because of your knowledge. But bear in mind that there are times that resuscitation cannot save life because of possible health illness that a person already has, which cannot be revived anymore.

CPR courses and life support training is available on the website It is important that you have an updated knowledge about CPR so you can apply it whenever necessary. Once you have learned CPR you can have peace of mind because you know how to do it properly and you know when to start doing it. That can make you more alert and concern to everybody.